Executive Board 2022

Our Goal

Our current Executive Board is not only focused on the operations and overall success of the chapter, but we are also promoting the individual growth and wellness of each sister.

Name: Taylor Gourdier

Title: President

Hometown: Orange, CT

Major: Management Information Systems

Minor: Real Estate

Why I love Gamma Phi: After joining freshman year, GPhi immediately became my home away from home at UConn. The women in this chapter have the biggest hearts, and the most inspiring passions. I love Gamma Phi because of the confidence it’s given me over the past three years!


Name: Julia Travassos

Title: Administrative Vice President

Hometown: Somerset, MA

Major: Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences & Allied Health Sciences

Why I love Gamma Phi: Gamma Phi has genuinely made UConn feel like home to me, and I can't say enough how much I love this organization. Being an out of state student, joining Gamma Phi gave me a sense of belonging on a campus that once felt so large and unfamiliar to me. It has since introduced me to my best friends and brought a group of people into my life that I am so lucky to call my sisters. The memories I have made in Gamma Phi, from living in our Ville house to sisterhood events and everything in between, are memories that I know I will cherish forever. Being a member of Gamma Phi has given me so much confidence, and I am so thankful be a part of something I love so much!

Name: Ellen Nelson

Title: Education Vice President

Hometown: New Caanan, CT

Major: Communications, Political Science, Journalism

Why I love Gamma PhiBeing in Gamma Phi has demonstrated to me exactly what the Highest Type of Womanhood entails. Every day, I am surrounded by women who exemplify our values; Their enthusiasm for various philanthropic missions, a dedication to their academic careers, and an unmatched loyalty to each and every sister is something I believe to be truly unique to Gamma Phi and the Eta Theta chapter. The ubiquity of diligence has inspired me in my own right. The sisters of Gamma Phi push me to be the best version of myself, to be steadfast in not only my academic career, but my development as an individual.


Name: Cat Pawlacyzk

Title: Financial Vice President

Hometown: Plantsville, CT

Major: Finance

Minor: Digital Marketing & Analytics 

Why I love Gamma Phi: I love our chapter because it has provided me with a group of liked minded women that support me in a professional and family-like manner. Without the inclusion of the Eta Theta chapter in my life I believe that I would not have been given the time to experience all the opportunities I have involved myself in- both big and small- which have contributed to my life in tremendous ways. My role as a Gamma Phi Beta officer has granted me with life long skills that pertain to my field of study and friends that I can bring with me into my journey post-graduate and I am forever grateful for that. No matter where I go at UConn, I can always count on my sisters to make each day that much better.

Name: Mary Muthersbaugh

Title: Membership Vice President

Hometown: Bethel, CT

Major: Political Science

Why I love Gamma Phi: Being a member of Gamma Phi has enabled me to surround myself with women who encourage me to be a better version of myself everyday. The women I have met in GPhi have become some of my best friends, my roommates and the people who I have created some of my fondest memories at UConn with. Not only this, but GPhi has made it so I have a sister in virtually every class, and people to go to the library with when I need to grind on my schoolwork. Through GPhi, I have been introduced to the most well-rounded and dynamic group of women who have embraced me for who I am, while encouraging me to grow in my leadership, communication, generosity, wellness, and confidence. I am so excited thankful to be a member of Gamma Phi <3


Name: Gabby Pattavina

Title: Public Relations Vice President

Hometown: Berlin, CT

Major: Political Science

Minor: Social Justice Organizing and Communications

Why I love Gamma Phi: Being a member of Gamma Phi is an experience that is truly extraordinary. As a group of women we celebrate our differences and come together in times of need as well as times of success. In my time in GPhi I have been met with unconditional love and support from all of my sisters; who are women who have pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me become who I am today. Gamma Phi is a sisterhood that is powerful, inspiring, and beautiful; a sisterhood that has shaped my college experience. They have taught me so much about myself and who I have the potential to be while being constant friends that never fail to lift me up. Gamma Phi is my home away from home and I could not be more grateful for all that it has brought me :).