Square Stage

A Letter From

Our Membership Vice President


Welcome to the Eta Theta Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta!

Being a part of any Panhellenic organization is an incredibly enriching experience, but the Gamma Phi Beta sisterhood is truly one of a kind.  As sisters of GPhi, we strive to encourage one another to embrace change and challenge, and are sure to acknowledge and support sisters who are hard at work; whether it be in school, in our chapter, or in their own personal endeavors.

Our core values of Love, Labor, Learning and Loyalty guide each and every interaction between our sisters, and encourage us to be the best students, friends, and people that we can be.

Our love for each other has sustained us through the toughest of times, as we laugh together through good times and provide solace to one another through the bad. Our loyalty  is demonstrated through the smallest acts such as bringing someone a mask on campus because theirs broke before class, or through something as big as encouraging one another to seek the new opportunity they are hesitant to pursue.


Our sisters are dedicated to learning, as you might have seen us spending long nights together in reserved study rooms in Homer Babbidge, supporting one another in our academic endeavors or sitting together in class. It is this support from our sisters that allows us to display high academic achievement, as we consistently rank amongst the top Panhellenic performers in terms of GPA. Our labor is constant as our sisters are not only dedicated members of Gamma Phi, but are highly involved in other organizations throughout the UConn community, and can be seen in numerous leadership roles within those organizations. 

As the world around us is ever-changing and highly unpredictable, one thing remains true and constant, and that is the sisterhood of Gamma Phi Beta. We serve each other as friends, roommates, gym buddies, study dates, Horsebarn Hill walking partners, advice-givers, and confidants.  

With that said, I encourage you to lean into the Recruitment process at-large and immerse yourself in the Panhellenic community. Speaking from experience, I know how daunting this process can be, but approaching it with confidence and trust in yourself will allow you to foster authentic connections, thus leading you to the perfect sisterhood for you. 

If you are interested in staying current with our sisterhood, I encourage you to follow our Instagram: @gammaphiuconn and to visit the UConn Panhellenic website for information on the recruitment process. We at Gamma Phi Beta wish you all the best as you embark on this journey and we are so excited to meet you!

We cannot wait to meet you! 

Mary Muthersbaugh, Membership Vice President